Monday, June 28, 2010

Travel Connection Mystery

As Rita is dealing with connection stories, a couple of connecting mysteries have emerged:

A look at the map (zoomed-in to the max) provided a question: Is there a shortcut walking trail from the condo (center left), east across the railroad tracks to downtown Winter Park, or is it necessary to follow the much longer path provided by the streets?

*******BLOG Interrupt*******
This post is temporarily suspended.
Rita has a crisis - clothing needs to be hung before
we get halfway through our week in the Winter Park condo.
(My wrinkle-free shirt is on the right end; 
the rest of the hang-ups are Rita's.)
*******End Interruption; Blog Post Resume*******

Answer to the question above is Yes. Walk east to King's Crossing, then to the cul-de-sac by the other condos to the edge of the hill. A plow of some kind has scraped a broad trail (must have been muddy at the time) to connect with a foot path at the bottom of the hill. The path rises to the RR track and,  yes, there is another corresponding path on the other side of the track, down the hill towards Town Hall and central WP. Good information for future reference.

On the way back, I noticed some peculiar objects in the street. I carefully gathered them up, but, no, I didn't worry about fingerprints. Back in the condo I assembled them together with guilt-by-association card found next to one of the two TV sets in the unit.

On the right: TV channels provided via Winter Park cable service.
On the left, the suspicious objects.

Take a look at a close-up of the latter:

There, on top of the duct-tape are the culprits: a female-female cable connector for two male connectors (top center) It doesn't appear to be industrial quality. Additionally, fragments of cable cut, very probably, to put on F-type male connectors on the main cable(s). Again, the cable doesn't appear to be industrial quality.

Tentative conclusion: Somebody lost these fragments; are they evidence of a connection gone bad? Who can say? What of the duct-tape? A separate mystery, in all probability. The only possible evidence of association, besides spatial: the tape and the fragments appear to be fresh. Duct tape can fix anything but a broken heart.

Oh, and we're still waiting to get back to Louisville to see if a previous mystery has been resolved.

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