Sunday, June 6, 2010


Late one afternoon, we broke off from our business planning and took to the dunes of Dubai. Scores of Chevy Tahoes loaded with adventurers (not just our group), some timid and others eager to hit the sand.

Specially outfitted Tahoes ready to hit the sand.

Before entering the dunes, the drivers drain air from the tires. We then venture into the sand.

Into the dunes...we're on top of one here (Rex secures the navigator seat).

That's a lot of sand...

Steep slip face of a tall dune; wind blows right to left.

Adventurers (Rex is in the burgundy T-shirt: center, back row.)

Another Tahoe pioneering the way for us (actually there were about twenty SUV's ahead of us).

Un-posed adventurers at the end of the trip.


Ripples ("mini-dunes") on top of a dune at sunset.

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