Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Catching up - the beginning of the latest journey

May 26, 2010
On the road to El Cerrito... via Cheyenne

Quick stop to see Janet & family.

Get to see Janet and Steve, Julie and Anne (bonus -- Steve and Anne are up from Memphis and Florida for Julie's graduation.) Visit is quick. But, while we're at Janet and Steve's Rita gets three calls: my brother, Mary, and Matt.

Back to the Interstate, stopping at a Diamond Shamrock for fuel ($2.53 per gallon -- probably the least expensive gas we'll see the entire trip.) Rita takes over the driving duties. Maybe I can relax a bit.

Rita asks if the Howard Livingston CD would be okay. Okay, I say. Except as we move on down I-80, just before Sherman Hill, I notice that the car is wobbling back and forth to the sound of Una mas cerveza, por favor. The driver is keeping pace with the music and isn't aware of it. Fortunately, once the correspondence is pointed out, Mango Mama's is not synchronized with auto motion.

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