Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Cove at Rotana

On a business trip to the Middle East, I had my first visit to and experience of the United Arab Emirates, more specifically Dubai and Ras Al Kaimah, two of the seven Emirates. Dubai is famously home of both the world's tallest building and spectacular architecture.
Ras Al Kaimah includes a large beach-side resort, The Cove at Rotana.
Just before sunset on the beach at the Cove.
Rotana is a chain of Middle Eastern hotels and resorts. The Cove consists of a large number of buildings, each housing numerous rooms. Many of the rooms are capped by half-domes which are apparent both outside and inside. The rooms include comfortable beds and flat-panel television sets. My room included a large open shower and European-style pieces but no tub. Electrical outlets are 220 v and require both plug and voltage adapters.

Flowers at the Cove
Within a few steps was a very large pool with ample lounge chairs.
There are two primary restaurants plus snack bars in the resort and a large lounge. The two pools have open-air bars with beverages and snacks available during daylight hours.
Venetian-style canals separate "islands" and "peninsulas" of residences, with bridges connecting and leading to the beach. The sandy beach is strewn with a variety of seashells -- I found branching coral, clam, clam, and oyster shells. As a challenge from one of our business partners I was given an object to identify. I replied that it looked like a fragment of "brain coral" -- not too bad for a geophysicist.
The Cove provides wired Internet access in rooms and limited wireless access in the larger meeting rooms.
It would be fun to bring Rita back here some time; I know she would enjoy it.

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