Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 2: Dark and ominous

May 27, 2010

Rita: What beautiful scenery as we travel through Nevada. Dark, looming clouds ahead moved on past the road we were on. There was no cause for alarm until we were nearing Golconda Summit and we saw what we had just missed.  The road was suddenly filled with deep hail and slush.  A truck in the other lane was throwing up sprays of ice blocking our visibility. The storm left its mark for at least a mile on the road with continued sighting of it well down the road where it must have dropped from other cars.  I cringed to think what would have happened to my beloved red Mustang convertible if we had been caught under those ominous clouds. I told Rex I just might have thrown myself across the hood of the car to safeguard it from pock marks.

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