Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Next door to Qdoba in Arvada Ridge is the alternative sub-sandwich place: Quiznos, part of another Denver-based restaurant chain. While Subway is the elephant on the block (actually its nearest location is a couple of blocks south, across the street), there's no question that the other Q provides a more sophisticated product than Jarrard's old hangout. On the flip side, Subway is ubiquitous and quick-witous too.

Rita, Matt, and I have not only our Quiznos preferences, but also size choices. Rita is happy with the Bullet, I go with the Torpedo, and Matt gets the largest (short of party size).

The oven that produces the toasted Quizos product dominates every store. Sometimes I think immensity of the big caterpillar toaster is perhaps why the more open aesthetics of Subway allows the latter to continue to dominate subspace.

QZ produces, without doubt, a tastier sandwich, even though SW, too, now offers quick-toasting as an option. Somehow, Subway seems friendlier, while QZ folk seem to be doing hidden things behind the oven. Both places seem to go through enough plastic gloves to keep one oil refinery in business for years. By the way, just who is Doctor's Associates, Inc. (scroll to the bottom of the page), anyway?

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