Saturday, November 6, 2010

Potato Soup

While watching DDD, we see a description of a Rhode Island chowder and I'm reminded of a mild deception from ages gone past.

It's before Beth, so, by definition, we're still on the honeymoon. For some reason we find ourselves at Magic Mountain. I can't remember the rides, but I do remember the "Japanese" restaurant where we end up for dinner. As part of the meal, there is the soup and salad bar. Rita, who had previously indicated lack of interest in clams, "loves" potato soup. Sure enough, there's a white, thick soup on the bar. What is it? she asks. Potato soup is my, uh, answer. We're back at the table. How's the potato soup? Good, she responds, but... chewy. Those are the clams, I quietly admit.

That's right! New England clam chowder is merely CHEWY POTATO SOUP.

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