Saturday, November 6, 2010

Busy week...

It's been a busy, end of Daylight Savings Time, week, so we've eaten out a bit.

Saturday night, there's the familar Arvada West favorite: Randi's. After the vigil Mass, Andrew, Sarah, and Mackayla, Mary and Abbi, and Rita and I are joined by Matt and Kelly. How would the two little cousins behave?

For the most part the little girls were great. Mackayla loved the chocolate milk and was passed from hand to hand around the big corner table. We order a big pizza, shared by Rita and me, joined by Matt and Kelly. Mary and Sarah ordered entrees while Andrew went with a sandwich. A great time was had by all.

Earlier, Rita and I had lunch at Jus' Cooking, a fairly new (maybe five years or so), and one of our favorites, cafe on Simms in Lakewood. The menu had changed a bit (no more rainbow trout), so I ordered the mango salsa mahi-mahi while Rita had a veggi sandwich with salad. JC's serves wine and beer, too, but it was midday, afterall. Good food (and we had leftovers to bring home). I would have loved to order the chicken pot pie, but I need to keep fish in the diet.

Even earlier in the day, I rolled out of bed to take the Escape in for an oil change and tire rotation. While Midas was doing its thing, I walked over the Starbucks (64th and Ward) for Pike Place brew and oatmeal. What a crazy place that was. I suspect the fire marshall would have had problems with the number of people waiting for their special preparation. By ordering brewed, I avoided the wait. I still am wondering what was happening.

Earlier in the week we headed for Chili's, 88th and Wadsworth in Westminister. It was a late supper; we were joined by Matt and Kelly and my mother, Louise (who was enjoying time away from Colorado Lutheran Home). Rita and I shared the margarita chicken while M & K had their own orders, including really terrific chips and salsa. The chips are very, very thin and crisp while the salsa is fresh and tangy. A good time was had by all.

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