Saturday, November 13, 2010

En route Minnesota, we visited a marvelous modern Italian restaurant in Omaha's Old Market neighborhood: Vivace. It was late in the evening, with most Omaha restaurants already closed and tucked-in. And, in the Old Market, most of the still-open establishments were the saloons (no kitchens, as one bartender told Rex).

We shared an excellent chicken pesto pizza at Vivace, accompanied by fine inexpensive pinot noir (Rita) and merlot (Rex).

What was intriguing about V was how many tables there were, each with a votive candle alight, plus many more on shelves scattered around the room. Only a couple of tables in the lounge area were occupied, so we could enjoy the candles pretty much by ourselves.

A more comprehensive review of the restaurant is here.

With our many trips to Iowa (and now Minnesota) we almost always stay at Omaha's Comfort Inn at the Zoo. This time around we had enough rewards credits to stay "for free". The rooms are always clean and comfortable, but this time around Rita had the treat of a Segway lesson (watch for her description).

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