Saturday, October 23, 2010

Strange and Stranger...

Tonight, I clicked a link on Yahoo! called "Ask America." When the page showed up, I picked Filter by "Colorado," producing this page:

The center top card reads  (you can click on the graphic to read it): 
Colorado's Tom Tancredo, who lost a GOP primary for governor, is refusing to sit out the election. His candidacy could split the vote in the Democrat's favor.
When I clicked the Tancredo card, the following appeared:

The purple "card" reads:
TANCREDO EFFECT Is it foolish or principled for third [sic] candidates like Tom Tancredo of Colorado to risk spoiling easy wins for their parties?
Where to begin? 
  1. Tancredo subsequently managed to get the nomination of the American Constitution Party. So which is his party?
  2. Tancredo has been endorsed by several prominent Republicans.
  3. Tancredo is polling very close to the Democratic nominee, John Hickenlooper, while the Republican nominee is approaching single digits.
Seems to me that neither answer to the Yahoo! question above applies. The maverick Tancredo rolled the dice and may just win.


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  1. No, he didn't win -- not even close -- but Yahoo still had problems.