Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Humoresque Sense?

For the Winter Park condo, the decorator had a curious sense. While most of the pictures are simple, abstract themes with hints of mountains and winter, the print in the master bath is ever-so-slightly implicative:

The young Victorianette reclines on the pier with exposed petti's while holding on to her critical parasol. 
Her would-be beau is, no doubt, relating the results of the latest boat race on the lake. 
(Reflections from the window opposite required a photo from an oblique angle.)

What might mom and dad make of this hidden picture in their private domain?

In the off-hallway bath a print of similar vintage provides a potential source of humor for the teenage children as they while away their winter get-a-way:

Witness the consequences of illicit spirits.
(Reflections from the lights above the sink required the "from-above" angle of the photo.)


More thoughts: Is this the designer's retro-prediction of the couple in bath 1 picture some decades down the road?  Problem with this speculation: compare the color of pic 1 with the sepia overtone of pic 2.

Should anyone, anywhere come across this blog and post, feel free to provide your own interpretation. But keep it clean!

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