Friday, July 2, 2010

10,000 yr old artifacts from Yellowstone

While Rita was trying on clothes at Coldwater Creek in Silverthorne I picked up the Summit Daily newspaper and saw an AP article about artifacts in Yellowstone. I didn't want to take the store's copy and forgot to pick up another. But, since it was an AP article, isn't that what search engines are for?

A Bing search for 10,000 yr old artifacts yellowstone park produced this link:
BOULDER, Colo. — Researchers say they've found a 10,000-year-old hunting weapon that had been preserved in melting ice near Yellowstone National Park. ... [Research associate Craig] Lee says increased global temperatures are causing glaciers and ice fields to melt, releasing artifacts as well as plant material and animal carcasses.
Craig Lee and artifact.

Of course, as others have pointed out before, if global warming is exposing evidence of previous human activity in such locations as Yellowstone, doesn't this imply that those locales are no warmer today than then? What mechanism was responsible for a warmer climate 10,000 yrs ago? We need to explain not only now but then; fortunately, such mysteries can keep earth and climate scientists off the street. 

(The web version of the Summit Daily AP article, without photo, is here

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