Saturday, July 17, 2010

AHB List

Heading up McCaslin Road in Superior towards Hwy 36 and Boulder, Rita notices a small helicopter at 1 o'clock. I suggest that it is probably the helicopter from Rocky Mountain Metro (formerly Jefferson County) Airport used for pilot lessons.

Rita: That's what I want to do! And land one on a glacier in Alaska (flashbacks of her recent adventure).

Rex: You and Andrew can take helicopter classes after I'm gone. You'll be able to add it to an after-his-bucket list. 

So, we begin thinking of other things that could go on the list. 

Further down the road, Margaritaville comes on the radio.

Rita: That's where I want to go: Key West.

Rex: Add it to the AHB list.

Rita: No, I can't wait that long.

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