Thursday, July 1, 2010


A recent Princess Expedition & Cruise to Alaska by daughter Beth and Rita produced a lot of TwitterTraffic, as one analyst has learned. I thought it might be interesting to go beyond Twitter into the larger Internet to see how much activity Twitter posts by Beth and her compatriots generated on other websites (some of which, admittedly, are operated by the Tweeters). What I did was search for either a single term or a simple combination of two terms and how many results Google produced. Here are the results (of course many are duplicates from one search to the next):

"#FollowMeAtSea": About 17,100 results
"#FollowMeAtSea" AND "@PrincessCruises": About 6,900 results 
"#FollowMeAtSea" AND "@earthXplorer": About 1,930 results 
"#FollowMeAtSea" AND "@CruiseBuzz": About 1,730 results 
"#FollowMeAtSea" AND "@BethBlair": About 1,600 results
"#FollowMeAtSea" AND "@theplanetd": About 1,480 results 
"#FollowMeAtSea" AND "@OrlandoChris": About 1,520 results 
"#FollowMeAtSea" AND "@Gadling": About 1,120 results 
"#FollowMeAtSea" AND "@traveldudes": About 906 results 
"#FollowMeAtSea" AND "@RickGriffin": About 761 results 
"#FollowMeAtSea" AND "@Travelogged": About 501 results 

This is a lot of Internet activity for an 11-day adventure.

One could try this experiment on other search engines as well to see what results they might give.

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