Friday, July 16, 2010

English Pub on Sloan's Lake

It's a delight to stumble upon something both unique and tasty: Such as GB's Fish and Chips in Edgewater, metro Denver, just across from Sloan's Lake. (There's a second location on Broadway.)
Besides several English beers on tap (plus a few domestics), GB's serves up a variety of fish, with cod at the top of the menu, along with traditional chips. There's even pretend newspaper lining the baskets in which the fish and chips are served. Shepherd's pie, plus bangers (no mash, though), helps complete the pub's UK offerings, although the view out onto the lake is pure Denver.

An acquaintance of Rita's, an English native, testifies to the authenticity of the fare. He and his wife have visited GB's four times since Rita first mentioned it to them.

One has the impression that English football (soccer to us Yanks) is important to the proprietors, with photos of games and even a Pele jersey hanging on the walls.

One warning: the two restrooms in back are off a dark hallway, and a close look at the artwork on each door is necessary before picking the room of the appropriate gender.

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