Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adventures with Granddaughter

In preparation for my "adventure cruise" I have started "training".... I walked for 30 min. on the bike trail this morning.....I admit I had a go-cup of coffee in my hand and peppy music from my Ipod to keep me going but at least I worked up a sweat.

When Abbi came mid-afternoon, I decided to put her in the stroller for another round of walking. All was well as we went down the greenbelt. When she spotted the little park yet still far ahead, I asked if she wanted to play. Of course she did!!! So for the next hour "we" had fun on the swings, slides and playing in the gravel. When our play time got to be over an hour long, I started to get really hot in the sun and tired out. I suggested we head for home to get some juice but Abbi adamantly said "no".

 I waited a little longer while she continued to play on the playground. Eventually she branched out to playing in the grass. I watched her carefully and suddenly I saw her in motion. She was taking off across the park heading to the big playground at the neighboring elementary school. I grabbed the stroller with her baby doll in it and took off after her. Problem was the thick grass had just been cut and all the trimmings of the grass bogged down the stroller making it a real effort to plow across the freshly cut grass. When Abbi looked over her shoulder and saw I was in pursuit, she took off even faster.

I had to work hard but eventually caught up with the travelling Abbi. I grabbed her intending to put her in the stroller and buckling her in so she couldn't escape. However, as I lifted her she let out a blood-curdling non-compliant scream . I started laughing so hard I almost fell over struggling with her as she arched her back and continued her screaming.Luckily I was able to get her buckled into the stroller but she struggled so hard against it, I actually thought she'd pull the straps loose.

With my strength waining, I decided to call Matt to come help. Our house was only around the corner a little ways so I knew he could run over to rescue me. When I called he heard the screaming in the background and could hardly hear what I was saying. Besides I was still laughing at how such a little one could command such a performance.

By the time Matt arrived I had managed to push the stroller from the center of the park closer to the sidewalk. Matt saw how sad Abbi looked so he offered to hold her hand and help her out of the stroller to walk home. She used the favorite 2 year old word: "no". Eventually she slid out of the unbuckled stroller and complied in holding our hands to walk home. She was happy to drink her lemonade when we got home, so I knew she was probably as hot and thirsty as I was, but just unwilling to give up the fun of the park.

At one point I had considered a double stroller to take Abbi and Mackayla for a walk. After today, though, I think I had better keep my walks with the little ones just one on one!!

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