Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Late night in Greater Arvada...

Where to go for a late night beverage and appetizer in Greater Arvada (northwest metro Denver)?

There's Applebee's in Arvada proper or in northern neighbor Westminster. After 9 pm, most appetizers are half-price and there is a variety of drink specials. On Thursday nights, there's Bingo for all. In the few times we've been there we haven't won, except when O-69 pops up; then all adults get a free shot of some exotic concoction. Since I'm driving, I let Rita have mine (as well as hers). The appetizers are probably high fat and high carbs, but they're good. Our favorites are the Chips & Spicy Chipotle Lime Salsa plus the Wonton Tacos (either pork or chicken). Usually there's enough for a take-home. To drink: AppleBeeTini (apple martini), White Peach Sangria, Kiwi Melon Sangria, or (boring, but sometimes necessary) the house red wine.

And there's Ruby Tuesday a couple of blocks to the north: Their drink specials are all-day long. Appetizers are similar to Applebee's, but a bit pricier.

Out west is Buffalo Wild Wings. Wildly enough, there are TWO Arvada locations! We've managed to be there when some Mixed Martial Arts (UFC) fights were the big deal, I guess. I know nothing about MMA, except for the octogonal ring. But the 20-30-somethings were there in force. Colin Cowherd keeps talking about MMA, but I guess I don't get it. I'm still waiting for Bo Pelini to work his magic with the Huskers (Oh, no, don't think about Miami!) Back to BWW: you don't have to just have wings; we've gone with the sampler -- it's quite enough. Beverages: the usual -- outside of beer the selection is limited, but acceptable.

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