Monday, June 25, 2012

Scottevest is Perfect for a Sailing Trip!

I was so blessed at TBEX12 in Keystone, Colorado, when I became the proud recipient of a red Scottevest. It is the ultimate travel vest with 17 pockets in a lightweight, breathable poly fabric. This company is so awesome they provided these vests for all the attendees at TBEX12. Wow, I am impressed with them and have become a loyal follower.

I will be going on my third week long sailing trip and as I considered what to bring, my vest became my number one item. The living quarters on the 45 foot Hunter sailboat are tight so the less I bring, the better. By wearing my vest, I can breeze through security at the airport by just slipping it off. It also means I don't need to carry a purse and can carry-on my ukulele instead. Additionally, when climbing on and off the sailboat, one must be aware of things carried so they don't slip into the water. Cameras particularly do this. There is a special pocket for the camera and a memory card pocket as well.

Just to give you a better overview of this remarkable travel vest, I'll list some of it's other featured pockets: handwarmer pocket with a water bottle holder and an extendable key holder; lipstick or chap stick pocket; change pocket; eyeglass and chamois pocket with cleaning cloth on elastic cord; two pen pocket; ID pocket for drivers license; Travel Document pocket for passport, etc.; cell phone/MP3 pocket; budbucket pocket x 2 for your earphone buds and a collar connect which holds wires to the Ipod in place; IPad pocket; a secret pocket; a large back pocket. There are also personal area pockets.  The vest is engineered to evenly balance the weight of the things we carry so it's more comfortable than carrying them in a bag. There is also a streamlined look to the vest so items in the pockets do not crate unsightly bulges. How awesome is all this?

When I was handed the vest, I was also given "a tour" of it. I was amazed at the insight put into this marvelous piece of clothing. Their tag line is: Scottevest For the Trip of Your Life.  Vests are not the only clothing they have available. They have pants, shirts, dresses, hoodies, jackets and even men's underware, all with their pockets.  I hope to start a collection of Scottevest clothing for my many travels and good times! I think I'll start a gift registry with Scottevest!

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