Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A sad little story

Grandma and grandpa were on the main walkway (actually Crescent Avenue) between Avalon and its beach, just around the corner from the pier. Something catches grandpa's eye. There, beside them is a small plastic sack; he picks it up and is surprised to find it's not a wind-blown piece of trash, but contains a little, neatly folded pink t-shirt. A cartoon girl character smiles from the front of the shirt; he looks at the label - size 3-4T.
Looking around, he tries to see whether a little girl or perhaps another grandparent are nearby. Unfortunately, there's no likely candidate to have dropped the bag within sight. The receipt is still in the bag - whoever bought it paid cash, and the name of the store is not printed thereon.
There's only one remaining possibility for locating the owner (or giver) of the little shirt. Grandpa tells grandma and friends that he'll be in pursuit of the original store, while they indicate which stores they will be perusing in the meantime.
First stop - a woman's clothing shop. After all, who is more likely to know what children's stores there are in little Avalon? The young woman inside, after hearing the story of the t-shirt, points out another store whose proprietor could provide further direction if they didn't sell the shirt.
Next stop - no, they didn't sell the shirt, but there were a couple of other possibilities. Possibility three produced no such t-shirts, but, after looking and looking, the last store was found. Yes! There, on the front rack, facing the entrance, was the identical cartoon girl t-shirt. Grandpa entered the store, showed the bag and t-shirt, and repeated the story.
Awww was the young woman's response. Yes, it's from our store, but no one has returned to ask about it.
Well, if they do, here it is.
When grandpa's honesty is complimented, he notes that with three granddaughters of his own, he could imagine how they would feel if it was their precious pink t-shirt that was lost.
Will the little girl ever get her t-shirt back? Who knows?

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