Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby Central at Grandma & Grandpa's

Abbi's Car....she told me to "hop in"! She used Grandma's car keys to get it started!Welcome to Grandma and Papa's Home!
As I was sitting on my loveseat in my living room, I marvelled at the scene before me. Random toys had already been picked up off the floor. Cracker crumbs had been vacuumed off the carpet but remnants of the granddaughter's visits graced the living room. The highchair wasn't directly visible as it sits off to the right of the camera but directly inside the front door is this gathering of baby essentials. The front most carseat is for Mackayla, one year old, still sitting backwards in the car. Against the wall in the background sits Abbi's car seat, a two year old who can now sit up straighter and faces forward in the car. The two little red Adirondack chairs can be moved around to watch favorite TV shows or made into an imaginary car. A "pull up" toddler "diaper" sits on one of the red chairs, easily grabbed as needed. A folded up stroller rests next to the red chair on the right. It can carry Abbi to the park or Mackayla to visit Great Grandma Louise at the nursing home. Behind the stroller is the little white deacon bench that holds the dolly's bed and blanket. Unseen under the white bench are additional Fisher Price over-sized toys such as a radio and farm. Also out of sight is a stack of Mackayla sized diapers, baby wipes and "baby" cheetos. A clear little bag holds colors, markers and a random orange car sits close by on the coffee table. Removed from reach is the black circle dish holding the three teal candles and array of sea shells that used to decorate the coffee table. This picture is now what welcomes visitors to Grandma and Papa's house. What a transformation this living room has gone through in two short recent years. Describing my home to a gal I work with, she responded "you are the fun Grandma", as I let go of maintaining proper adult decorum to allow the wee people in my life to have a play place at Grandma and Papa's. I wouldn't have it any other way, either! How I love these little girls who always bring their smiles up the sidewalk to our home!

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